Nina Rubshtein (rubstein) wrote,
Nina Rubshtein

Нифонт Долгополов стал тренером ГАТЛа

GATLA is very
pleased to announce that Nifont Dolgopolov, Ph.D. from Moscow, Russia will become the
newest member of GATLA's training faculty in the Summer of 2011.

 Nifont is an intellectually stimulating, and talented therapist as well as a lecturer capable of clarity and depth. He brings a clear theoretical perspective, strong Gestalt therapy experience as well as many years of experience running his own thriving training program in Moscow and throughout Russia.

Many trainees have experienced Nifont's clear and insightful presence as a Trainer Assistant (Group Leader) during past European Summer Residentials.   As members of the Core Faculty we have been impressed with his store of knowledge, articulate feedback and abilities in managing process in training groups. We have also come to admire his insight and abilities as a psychotherapist.

Welcome Nifont
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